Bond Security Technology Private Limited maintains a high standard of HSE and the motto is SAFETY FIRST

The specific objectives are as under:

  • No accident, Friendly working atmosphere, and positive contribution for healthy environment
  • To place paramount emphasis on the prevention of accidents
  • Prompt accident notification, investigation, reporting and communication to curtail recurrence
  • The establishment and maintenance of productive working environment
  • Best Hygiene Standards
  • To achieve utmost client satisfaction
  • To leave the working place in better condition than previous

Code of Ethics for Security Personnel

  • Accept responsibilities and fulfill the obligations of the assigned role
  • Protect life and property, prevent and reduce crimes against my employer business
  • Upholdi ng the law and respect the constitution rise of all personnel
  • Conduct myself with honesty, dignity and adhered to highest moral principals in performance my security duties
  • To be faithful, diligent, dependable and discharging my duties uphold all the times the law, policies and procedure which protect the right of others
  • To be truthful without allowing the feelings prejudices animosities or friendship to influence my judgments
  • Report immediately to the superior of any violations of the law / regulation of the client
  • Protect the confidential information of the client beyond the term of the employment
  • To corporate with all recognized law enforcement agencies in matters with in their jurisdiction
  • Except no compensation, commission or other advantages without the knowledge in concept of my employer
  • Conduct myself professionally at all times so that it reflects credit upon myself, my employer and my private security
  • Strive continually to improve my knowledge by seeking training and educational opportunity which will prepar me better fo the performance of my duties

Our Services

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Un-Armed Security Guards
  • Executive Protection
  • Event Security
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Supply of Security Equipments
  • Security Consultancy
  • Threat & Vulnerability Surveys